Ice cream’s origins are as early as Roman emperor Nero who commanded ice to be brought from the mountains and mixed with fruit…

Is there anything better than a couple scoops of gourmet ice cream after you’ve eaten a scrumptious Cape Cod lobster roll?

Is there anything better than a banana split with three flavors of ice cream and three toppings?

Is there anything better than a snickers ice cream hot fudge sundae with nuts and whip cream on top of a Susie’s home-baked brownie?

No, No, and definitely NO!

Try to sample all varieties before the ice cream season end . . . We double-scoop dare you!

    Arnold’s and Richardson’s Dairy — An Ice Cream Team

    Since Arnold’s set the seafood standard of quality and freshness, the same had to hold true for the ice cream they serve. Richardson’s Dairy was their only choice.

    Richardson’s Dairy has provided Arnold’s with its ice cream that has over 30 flavors still made on their dairy farm! No hormones are given to their dairy cows which mean real ice cream and quality control, in-house.

    Arnold’s serves premium, gourmet ice cream and sherbet, 95% fat-free frozen yogurt, low-fat, no-sugar added ice cream.

    So what will you have? A sundae, a homemade brownie sundae, frappes, or soft serve? Don’t worry, you’ve got all summer to try as many flavors as you like!

    Award-Winning Italian Ice for Diet Concerns

    Arnold’s is proud to serve Ritchie’s Italian Ice, a Taste of Boston, Best Dessert.

    Ritchie’s Italian Ice is:

    • All Natural
    • Gluten Free
    • Cholesterol Free
    • Fat Free
    • Kosher